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Manicure Services

Manicure Services

We do not reuse paraffin, buffer, and file.
A quick maintenance manicure that includes cuticle soak, nail cut and shaped, 5 minutes of hand massage, and polish.
To revise your hard-working hands with:
* Warm water soak and cuticle treatment
* Paraffin Wax with 6 minutes of hand massage
Enjoy the rejuvenating manicure with:
* Refreshing soak and cuticle treatment
* Scrub exfoliation
* Paraffin Wax and Mineral hand mask with warm towel wrap
* 10 minutes of hand massage with therapeutic oil massage or lotion
Enjoy the smell of fresh oranges with this special manicure.
* Sugar scrub massage with FRESH ORANGE SLICES to dissolve dead, dry skin
* Moisture mask and warm towel wrap
* Paraffin treatment
* Extended 20 minutes of hand, neck, and shoulder massage.
Shellac Services

Shellac Services

Shellac Manicure $30
Shellac French Manicure $35
Polish Change Shellac Only $25
Shellac Take-Off Only (Not Re-done) $10
Pedicure Services

Pedicure Services

We do not reuse paraffin, buffer, and file.
For those who prefer their treatments to be short and sweet! Includes: Peppermint soak, trimming and shaping toenails
Softening and treating cuticles
* Callus removal & treatment
* Pumice stone foot scrub
* Sea salt scrub peppermint
* 5 minutes of therapeutic oil massage
A perfect relaxing time for a busy life. All is spa pedicure with:
* Peppermint or green tea sugar scrub
* Mineral Foot Masque with the warm towel
* Paraffin warm wax
* 10 minutes of hot stone massage
Our Signature Pedicure dissolves all your stress while your feet are exfoliated with: Lavender or green tea sugar scrub
* A collagen foot mask with a hot towel wrap
* Warm Paraffin wax
* 10 minutes of foot massage with a hot stone
* 10 minutes of signature neck and shoulder massage
Beauty from the deep sea. Pure Pearl Spa is a finely-milled powder from freshwater pearls. It is naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body. Includes:
* Soak-cleanser - scrub
* Foot Mask with a hot towel
* Paraffin Warm Wax
* 15 minutes of hot stone and lotion massage on your legs
* 10 minutes of neck and shoulder massage
The topical application of orange on the skin removes dead cells and dirt as well as keeps the skin moisturized and toned. Includes all steps of a basic pedicure with:
* Organic sea salt orange
* Sugar Scrub massage with Fresh Orange Slices
* Paraffin Wax and Mineral Foot Masque with the warm towel
* 15 minutes of foot massage with hot stone
* 10 minutes of neck & shoulder massage
"A truly sweet retreat for your feet."
The treatment helps reverse dry skin and provides the appearance of healthy, glowing skin. The perfect solution for dry, dehydrated feet includes:
* Milk and Honey Sea Salt Soak
* Milk & Honey sugar scrub infused with essential oils
* Warm Paraffin and Foot Mask
* 15 minutes of hot stone leg massage
* 10 minutes of signature neck & shoulder massage
"Pamper your tired feet! - Hello new, soft, glowy skin!"
The therapy uses natural essential oils to soothe, comfort, and calm your tired body and enhance a feeling of well-being:
* Soak-cleanser - scrub
* Lavender or Cherry Sea Salt
* Paraffin Warm Wax and Mineral foot masque with the warm towel
* 20 minutes of hot stone foot massage
* 15 minutes of neck and shoulder massage
"Made up of only the best ingredients that your skin will love."
The treatment helps promote metabolism and improve blood circulation while relieving stress and exhaustion. It includes:
* Scrub Exfoliation and Warm Mask Treatment
* Paraffin Wax which brings you a perfectly relaxing time
* 25 minutes foot massage with hot stone
* Extended 15 minutes of neck and shoulder massage with Stress Relief Oil
Enhancement Services

Enhancement Services

Full Set

Regular With Polish $35
Pink & White (2 Tones) $45
Overlay Pink Natural $35
Pearl Or White Tip $35
Color Powder $45
With Shellac Color $45
Dipping Powder Color $40
Dipping Powder Color French (Or With Tip) $45


Solar (1 Tone) With Polish $25
Pink & White (2 Tones) $40
Same Color Powder Or Glitter Powder $35
Different Color Powder $40
(Regular FIle - Light Color To Dark Color Only)
Regular Powder With Shellac Color $35
Kid's Services

Kid's Services

(Under 12 years old)
Manicure $10
Pedicure $17
Combo $25
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $8
Men Eyebrows $10
Upper Lip $6
Chin $10
Full Face $30
Underarms $15
Back $40
Stomach $15
Nose $6
Half Arms $20
Full Arms $35
Half Legs $25
Full Legs $40
Bikini Lines $25
Brazilian $45
Chest (Men) $30
Additional Services

Additional Services

French Manicure With Service (Add) $5
French Polish Change on Hands/Feet $13 /$13
Color Polish Change on Hands/Feet $10 /$10
Nail Repair $5 & Up
Nail Design $5 & Up
Nail Removal $10
Nail Removal With Service (Add) $10
Different Shape $5
Shape Change $5
Long Nails $5 & Up
Paraffin Treatment for Hands/Feet $6 /$7
Gel UV Top Coat $5
Toe Acrylic $5 & Up
Hot Stone Massage $7
Sea Salt Glow Treatment $5
Massage Per Min $1
Reflexology Per Min (Neck, Shoulders & Feet) $1